December 2014

“From 26-30 December 2014 we ( a family of 4 persons) have been trekking in the beautiful Simien mountains. We have spent 4 unforgettable days with trekking and camping in a still unspoiled nature. Every day, our excellent guide Samuel Kasaw, who is also a great trip organizer, showed us the nicest spots. As Samuel’s English is very good, it was great fun and easy to communicate with him. Samuel is a Simien mountain native and he has a great knowledge of flora and fauna in this area. With his help we have seen all the typical Simien mountain wildlife like the Gelado baboons, Ethiopian wolf and Walibex. Simien mountains is a must see. If you go, don’t forget to bring good sleeping bags as nights are freezing cold!”Marjolein PraaningEthiopia_Treck_7






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